Windows Agent 12.0 (2023-05-12)

New Features

Ability to Record Audio Only in Select Applications

We are introducing a new feature, that will let you capture audio only when the microphone is used by select applications. You can control this from the MONITOR WHEN THESE APPLICATIONS USE MICROPHONE field on the Monitoring Settings > Monitoring Profile > Audio window:


Bug Fixes

The Agent would Crash when Default Audio Device is Removed

When the user removes or disables the default audio device (e.g., from the Windows Device Manager), and there is no other device is available, then the Agent would crash

The bug is fixed now.

Agent Incompatibility with Palo Alto Networks Products would Affect Network Speed

It was discovered that Teramind Agent has some compatibility issues with Palo Alto Networks' PANGP filter driver component, which is a part of some Palo Alto Networks products such as GlobalProtect.

Due to this incapability, when the Agent is running, the network performance would degrade, especially the internet download speed.

The bug is fixed now so that Teramind Agent will no longer slow down the network when used with any Palo Alto Networks software.

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