Mac Agent 1.237 (2023-04-13)

New Features

Support for Offline Screen Recording

We are adding support for the offline screen recording feature on Mac Hidden/Stealth Agent. This can be enabled/disabled from Monitoring Settings > Monitoring profile > Offline Recording:

Note that currently only the OFFLINE RECORDING BUFFER LENGTH (HRS) option is supported on the Offline Recording settings panel. It allows you to specify how long the Teramind Agent will continue to record user actions while the user is disconnected from the internet or Teramind server. The default value is 24 hours.

Support for Shared Lists in Behavior Rules

We are adding support for Shared Lists in Behavior Rules. You can create a Shared List by clicking the Create list button on the Configure > Shared Lists screen:

Once a list is created, you can use it with any rule criteria that accepts a List condition (e.g. the Equals list condition of the Application Name criteria in the example below):

Bug Fixes

URL not Captured on Safari Fullscreen Mode

Due to a bug, the Agent would fail to capture the Full URL of a website when Safari is in Fullscreen mode. As a result, on reports like the Employee's Activity Report, the Process / URL column would just show the system name of the application (e.g., instead of displaying the main URL/website (e.g., Additionally, the App/Webpage column would just show the name of the application (e.g., Safari) instead of the webpage title (e.g., ABC News - Breaking News, Latest News and Videos):

The bug is fixed now.

The Agent would Capture Keystrokes in Applications when it shouldn't

Due to a bug, the Agent would capture keystrokes when it's not supposed to. For example:

  • When Applications monitoring is completely turned off
  • When certain applications monitoring is suspended/turned off
  • Continue to capture keystrokes beyond the monitoring schedule, etc. 

The bug is fixed now.

The Hidden Agent on M1 Mac not Handling User Switching Properly

Due to a bug, the Hidden/Stealth Agent would continue to calculate the session for an inactive user when the user switches to another account on an M1 Mac. Here's the scenario:

  1. Suppose you have two user accounts, A and B. For account A, monitoring is enabled and for B monitoring is disabled.
  2. Login to account A then switch to account B without logging out from account A.
  3. On the Teramind Dashboard, you will notice that account A is still shown as active even though the screen recording is frozen. 

The bug seems to affect Mac Agent version 1.235 but other versions might be affected too.

The bug is fixed now so that the session calculation should stop as soon as the user switches to account B and resume when they switch back to account A.




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