Release 544 (2021-05-21)

Type Cloud / On-Premise Notes
New Both Added a FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name) column on the Computers report
New Both Added a 'Convert to BI' button on Monitoring Reports
New Both Added the ability to delete custom BI reports
New Both Added support for the Microsoft Edge in Browser behavior rules
New On-Premise Added a 'Generic CEF' option on the Integrations screen (SIEM integrations)
Improvement Both Ability to select 'Agent Type' when deploying agents remotely
Improvement Both Improved Session Player/Video Player
Improvement Both API improvements
Improvement Both Improved Shared Lists
Improvement Both Improved Access levels for Department Managers and Operational Administrators
Improvement Both Improved exporting for BI reports
Improvement Both Improved BI reports
Improvement On-Premise Improved Active Directory support
Improvement Both Improved Behavior Policy
Improvement Both Numerous performance and speed improvements
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