Does the Teramind Agent support offline monitoring?

Currently, only the Silent/Hidden Teramind Agent on Windows supports offline recording. However, both the Silent and Revealed Agents will enforce any policies and rules even when the network connection is disrupted.

When the computer reconnects to the network, the hidden Agent will upload the user session recordings (and will throttle to ensure the network bandwidth impact is minimal).


Notes about the Revealed Agent:

Because the revealed agent does not currently support recording offline, no application or screen activity will get captured when the Revealed Agent is disconnected. However, offline rule enforcement will still work if the user had already started a task when the agent got disconnected.

If you reboot a computer, no rules are enforced until the user logs into the revealed agent and starts a task. If the agent then loses connectivity, the rules are still enforced as long as the agent is still open and is trying to reconnect. If the user closes the agent,  rules will no longer be enforced.

By default, Teramind has a recording buffer of 24 hours (that's also the maximum limit of the buffer). You can change this setting or enable/disable offline recording entirely from the monitoring settings. To do so:

  1. Click the Gear mceclip1__3_.png icon near the top right corner of the dashboard and select Monitoring Settings from the pop-up menu.
  2. Click a monitoring profile you want to change or click the Default settings profile to change the monitoring settings for all users.
  3. Click the Yes/No button in front of the OFFLINE RECORDING option to enable/disable it.
  4. Click the small Gear image-34.png icon near the right side of OFFLINE RECORDING option to change the offline recording buffer's length in hours:


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