Can Teramind monitor mobile phones or tablets? Does Teramind has a mobile app for Android or iPhone?

Teramind does not support mobile devices monitoring. However, it has one app for iPhone and two apps for Android devices:

Teramind iOS Time Tracker App

Teramind Tracker App for iOS allows employees to clock-in/clock-out from their Apple devices. You can also allow them to track their work time, task assignments, and project progress. The app automatically syncs with the management dashboard so a manager and supervisor can track the employees' time and productivity from a central location.


Teramind Android Time Tracker App

Similar to its iOS counterpart, Teramind Tracker App for Android is a tool that helps employees track their work time. A user can select which task they are going to working on, click Start, and log time. The hours are logged and reflected on the Teramind Dashboard.


Android Dashboard App

Teramind’s Android Dashboard App allows managers to monitor user activities on the go. The app comes with real-time productivity reports including applications and web usage, and summary reports for worktime, idle time, and productive/unproductive sessions. Drill-down reports for individual employees are also available.



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