How to collect the Teramind Agent logs

Sometimes, you might encounter an issue which couldn’t be solved following the instructions provided on this Troubleshooting section. In such a case, Teramind Support can help. To help the support team diagnose the issue, you can provide them with the Agent log. This article explains how you can collect the log and send it to our support team.

Windows Logging

First, you will need to download and unpack the TMDIAG tool. This tool is used to collect Teramind Agent logs, conduct diagnostics and debugging by our support team. You can use its log capture feature to collect and send the logs.

Download TMDIAG from and extract it (E.g. to c:\temp\tmdiag directory). Open the elevated Windows Command Prompt (cmd.exe), to do so please open your start menu find cmd.exe, right click on it and then click on "Run as administrator" menu item. Once done please change directory to the one you have the tmdiag.exe tool extracted into (in our example the directory is c:\temp\tmdiag)

cd c:\temp\tmdiag

Then, run the following commands on the command prompt:

tmdiag log agent on
tmdiag log svc on restart

This will turn logging on. Wait until the issue is reproduced.

Please wait after executing the above commands. Only proceed to the next step after the issue is reproduced. Otherwise, the log will not be able to capture information relevant to the issue.

When the issue occurs, start collecting the log with the following command:

tmdiag collect report

The above command will generate a file named in the folder where tmdiag.exe is located. Attach the file to the support ticket (or email it to and then disable logging again with:

tmdiag log all off

Restart the agent service with:

tmdiag service tsvchst restart

Mac Logging

  1. Please edit file: /usr/local/teramind/agent/etc/agent.conf
  2. Add the following line at the end: log-settings=syslog. Another way you can capture the agent log is to redirecting it to a .log file in the employee's home directory. To do so, use this line instead:  log-settings=file:~/tmagent.log.
  3. Open the Terminal app and run the following command to restart the agent service: killall tmagent
  4. Use to monitor logs (need filter by process – tmagent for the stealth agent, tmui for the revealed agent).
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