What is the terminal server? When should you use one? How is it licensed?

Terminal Server

A Terminal Server is a server where multiple users can log in and work simultaneously. For example, a Windows Server configured with Remote Desktop Services is a Terminal Server. Teramind Agent can be installed on such a server to monitor all users on it.

As to when you should use a Terminal server depends on your needs. If you search for terms such as 'Benefits of Using Remote Desktop Services' you will find many online resources that will explain the benefits of such a server.

Licensing Policy

If you are a Teramind On-Premise/Private Cloud customer, you will need to buy a separate Terminal Server License anytime you use Windows Remote Desktop Services/Terminal Services. A Teramind Server License cost is equivalent to 30 endpoint licenses.

If you are a Cloud customer, you do not need to buy a separate Terminal Server License. However, since Teramind Cloud is licensed per user, you will need to take into account the total number of users (ones on your Terminal Server plus any additional users you want to monitor on their individual computers).


If all your employees are working on their own PCs, you do not really need to install the Teramind Agent on a Terminal Server.
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