How to prevent admins from exporting video, reports and other Teramind data outside your organization?

You can make sure that your managers or admins don’t export Teramind reports, videos, and other data to emails outside of this domain from the Settings > Security screen:


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  1. Click the Gear icon on the top left corner of the dashboard. This will take you to the Settings screen.
  2. Select the Security tab from the Settings screen.
  3. Scroll down until you can see the ALLOW DATA & VIDEO EXPORT EMAILS TO THIS DOMAIN field. Enter the last part of an email address (the domain address including the ‘@’ symbol) to restrict export emails to that domain only. For example, Note that this field is checking for an end of email, not strict match. Additionally, you can specify something like In that case any sub-domain of will be included in the check. For example,, – both will be allowed as valid email addresses..
  4. Click the SAVE button when done. From now on, any BI report export or video export sent outside this domain will be blocked.
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