How to reduce storage requirements?

Teramind uses approximately 1 GB per 160 hours of data per screen at full quality & color recording, or 350 hours of black & white at 70% scale. If you opt for the Cloud deployment option, Teramind will store  6 months of user sessions recordings.

There are several ways you can reduce storage requirements:

  • By reducing the frame rate used for screen recording
  • By using Gray scale recording instead of color recording
  • By recording only during a rule violation incident
  • By recording only at certain hours/schedule
  • By automatically deleting recording history after certain days
You can change these settings from the Screen Settings panel. Note that some of these options are only available on the On-Premise / Private Cloud deployments.
By disabling or reducing the audio recording quality You can change these settings from the Audio Settings panel.
By disabling the capture of email attachments You can disable email attachment captures from the Email Settings panel.
By disabling the capture of printer documents You can disable printer document captures from the Printed Doc Settings panel.
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