How to use shared lists to blacklist/whitelist websites, applications, IP addresses?

1. Creating a Shared List

You can create a Text, Network or Regular Expressions based shared list in Teramind. To access the Shared List screen, click the CONFIGURE > Shared lists menu.

In the example below, we show you how to create a Text-based shared list for a list of site:

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2. Importing a Shared List

When creating a list, click the add file button to upload a .CSV or .TXT file containing your list item. Each item should be in a separate line.

3. Using the Shared List in a Rule

Most of the rule conditions support using a shared list as their condition parameters. For example, we can use the shared list we created with a Websites rule to block access to those sites:

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For more information about shared lists, check out the Configure > Shared Lists section on the Teramind User Guide.

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