How to protect agent installation?


You can optionally install the Teramind Hidden Agent in a protected mode. Installing the Agent in protected mode has the following advantages:

  • prevent users from seeing the Agent in system services list
  • prevent the stopping of the service using commands such as “sc stop”
  • prevents corruption of the service registration
  • prevent uninstall by unauthorized admins

Installing the Hidden Agent in Protected Mode

When installing the Agent with MSI, use the DO_PROTECTION=yes parameter. For example:

Local Installation:

msiexec /i teramind_agent.msi DO_PROTECTION=yes

Where, teramind_agent.msi is the exact name of the Agent file, i.e. teramind_agent_v0.1.9999_x64.msi.


  • If there’s already a protected Agent installed, attempting to install agent without protection (DO_PROTECTION=no, or without any parameter) will fail.
  • Installing/upgrading/uninstalling of protected agent must be run from local admin with “Take Ownership” rights. List of users and groups with this rights is regulated by GPO:
    1. mmc.exe
    2. File\Add/Remove Snap-in\Group Policy Object Editor for local computer
    3. Console Root\Local Computer Policy\Computer Configuration\Windows settings\Security Settings\Local Policies\User Rights Assignments\Take Ownership of files or other objects.

Remote Installation:

Select COMPUTERS from the main menu on the dashboard. Then click the REMOTE INSTALL AGENT button on top.  Add DO_PROTECTION=yes to the MSI arguments under the MSI Location section. Then do the installation as usual.

Check out this article, to learn how to uninstall a protected agent.
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