How to uninstall the agent?


Please do not delete the Teramind folder or files manually or use Windows'/Mac’s built-in app remover or any other third-party uninstallers to remove the Teramind Agent. Use the following methods to remove the Agent instead.


If you are removing a protected Agent, follow the instructions on this article: How to uninstall a protected agent?

Windows (local uninstall):

To uninstall the a regular Agent, run the Teramind Agent Removal Tool. On-Premise or Private Cloud (Azure/AWS) customers can download the tool from:  Cloud customers can download it from: Run the remover tool on the user machine you want the agent uninstalled from.


The remover tool is not silent by default, it shows a dialogue to the user. To uninstall the agent silently use the /silent option with the command line.

 To learn how to verify the agent is removed, check out this article: How can I verify if the Agent is installed / uninstalled?


Please note that, Teramind Remover tool requires Microsoft .NET 3.5 Framework to be installed. If you don't already have it installed, you can downloaded the framework Microsoft’s website. After installing .NET 3.5, run the remover as an administrator again.

Windows (remote uninstall):

  1. Click the COMPUTERS menu.
  2. Click a computer’s name from the list of computers.
  3. Click the UNINSTALL AGENT FROM PC button.

Mac (local uninstall):

Run the following command in the Terminal (Applications > Utilities > Terminal) to uninstall the Agent:

sudo /usr/local/teramind/agent/bin/./

Mac (remote uninstall):

There's no support for remote uninstall on Mac at the moment.

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