How to change agent default settings

To change the default settings for the Teramind Agent such as currency, default task, auto monitoring and web login:

  1. Click the Gear icon mceclip6.png near the top-right corner of the dashboard.
  2. Select Setting .
  3. Select the Agent defaults tab.
  4. You can change the CURRENCY used. Most of the international currencies are supported. The currency you choose will be used to display the wage/salary in the BI > Productivity report, TIME TRACKING > Employee Cost, TIME TRACKING > Task Cost, Payroll Widgets, Employee Profile (e.g., their salary/wage rate), etc. - anywhere the currency is used.
  5. You can assign a DEFAULT TASK for employees when they start their shift (this is applicable if the employee is using the Hidden Agent). Restart the user machine(s) after changing the default task for it to take affect. Note that you can change/override the default task for an employee from their profile under the ACCOUNT INFO tab.
  6. If the CREATE NEW USERS ON FIRST AGENT CONNECTION option is enabled, and if the corresponding user does not exit, a new user will be created when the agent first connects. This is helpful, for example, when you have hundreds of accounts that you don't want to monitor and don’t want them to be in the system. For example, service accounts.
  7. If the ENABLE MONITORING FOR NEW AGENT BY DEFAULT option is turned on and your license allows it, new agent installations will have monitoring enabled by default. If disabled, new agent installations will not be monitored until you activate them from the dashboard (you can toggle monitoring for users from the EMPLOYEES > Action menu).
  8. Enable the ENABLE WEB LOGIN FOR NEW AGENTS BY DEFAULT option if you want your users to be able to log into the dashboard to see their own work stats, enable this option. Note that you can change/override this setting by toggling the User can clock in and out using Web interface from an employee's profile under the ACCOUNT INFO tab.
  9. Click the SAVE button to save any changes.
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