How to use the OCR feature to detect sensitive content on screen, inside an image or video?

Detect Onscreen Content With a OCR Rule

You can use OCR (Optical Character Recognition) rules to detect text on screen in any applications or websites even in images or videos. The sample rule below uses Regular Expression to detect UK driver’s license numbers on screen:

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  1. Create an Activity rule.
  2. Select OCR under the types of activities.
  3. Select the users the rule will apply to.
  4. Specify the text you want to detect in the On-screen text field. You can use keywords, regular expressions or a Shared List. In this example, we used a regular expression.
  5. You can specify a Notify action to be triggered when the rule is violated.

Check out the OCR section on the Teramind Rules Guide to learn more about OCR-based rules.

Detect Onscreen Content Using the OCR Search Feature

Teramind automatically analyzes any content displayed on the user’s screen in the background and creates an index of text it detects. This allows you to conduct high-speed search of any onscreen text using the OCR search feature (accessed through the MONITORING > OCR menu):

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Checkout the Monitoring Reports > OCR (Optical Character Recognition) section on the Teramind User Guide to learn more about OCR monitoring features.

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