How to change what an administrator can view or modify (admin type and access control)?

Select the Right Admin Type

This article, How to change a user’s account access level / role permission describes how to change an admin type and what each type of account level entitled to.

Apply an Access Control Policy

Teramind allows you to configure access control policies using which you can control what users can view or edit on the dashboard and what data they can access.

You can create access control policies from the CONFIGURE > Access control menu:

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  1. Create a new access control policy (or edit an existing one).
  2. Give it a name, select the privileged users (for example, Department Managers) the policy will apply to. Note that, you cannot add any admins in this field as admins have their own access control policy set at the account level. For more information, check out this article: How to change a user’s account access level / role permission.
  3. Select the target users the admin will have access to.
  4. Select the Play/View/Edit items the admin will be able to access or edit.

Check out the Access Control section on the Teramind User Guide to learn more about access control.

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