Rule Example: How to identify discrepancies in employee work time or schedule?

You can create Agent Schedule rules to identify if an employee is working more/less than their daily work time, if they are late/early or absent and many other discrepancies with their work hours.

The sample rule below will trigger when an employee works less than their scheduled work hours:

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  1. Select Agent Schedule on the SELECT THE TYPE OF RULE field under the Rule Category section.
  2. Select the users the rule will apply to.
  3. Specify the rule condition. For this example, we used Daily Work Time. We also selected a IS LESS THAN option and specified a value of less than 1 hour for the DEFINE THE TIME RANGE field.
  4. You can also specify a Notify action to be triggered when the rule is violated.
To use Agent Schedule rules effectively, you will need to set up schedules for your employees. Check out the Schedules section on the Teramind User Guide to learn more about schedules.

For more information:

Check out the Agent Schedule Rules: What Schedule Violations Can You Detect? section on the Teramind Rules Guide to learn more about schedule-based rules.

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