Rule Example: How to prevent sharing of PII, PHI, PFI and other sensitive content?

The how-to tutorial video below shows how you can use Teramind to detect sensitive information such as PII (Personally identifiable information), PHI (Protected Health information), PFI (Personal Financial Information) etc. for compliance purposes such as GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS etc. and to prevent data loss:

For more information:

  • Using a Content-based rule to detect sensitive content in a range of monitored objects such as Emails, Files, IMs etc.
  • Using the OCR-rule to detect on screen text.
  • Using the Classified Data in a Content-based rule to detect Financial Data (such as credit card numbers), Health Data (such as common drug names), Personally Identifiable Data (such as names, addresses, social security numbers) etc.
  • Creating your own data definitions using Regular Expressions, Keywords or plain text.
  • Creating a Shared List or uploading your own list for network addresses, website addresses or other keywords. Then use the shared list with a rule to detect those items.
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