How to add an employee / user / computer?

Adding Employees / Users

You only need to add an employee / user if they are using the Revealed Agent. You do not need to add an employee who is using the Hidden Agent as they will be added automatically when the agent is installed on their computer. However, you can still edit the employee’s profile.

You can add an employee from the List of employees screen (click the EMPLOYEES menu to access it):

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  1. Click the NEW EMPLOYEE button on the List of employees screen.
  2. Fill out the details for the employee.
  3. Click either the ADD USER AND SEND INVITATION button or the ADD USER button.

Check out the Adding a New Employee section on the Teramind User Guide to learn more.

Importing Employees / Users Automatically

You can use the import feature from the Employee page to add employees / users automatically from a CSV file.  For more information, check out the Importing Employees section on the Teramind User Guide.

Adding / Importing Computers

When you install the Teramind Agent on a computer, Windows Server or Terminal Server, it’s automatically added to Teramind. You can also import computers from your Active Directory. For more information, check out the How to download and install the Teramind Agent article.

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