Mac Agent 1.236 (2023-03-17)

New Features

Agent Configuration: New Option to Override the Domain Name

We have introduced a new Stealth Agent configuration option that will let you override the default domain name. There are two ways you can set this:

  1. Use the domain-override parameter in the agent.conf file. For example:

    The agent.conf is located in your Agent installation folder, e.g., Macintosh HD > usr > local > teramind > agent > etc
  1. Rename the installer/package file to include the -do() parameter. For example:

Once set, the username will show the new domain name:

Agent Login: New Option to Stay Logged In

We have introduced a new option, Stay Logged In to the Revealed Agent:

When this option is enabled, Teramind Agent will automatically log in when it's started. Please note that, you will need to first enable the Save password option for the Stay Logged In option to become available.

Bug Fixes

Agent Login: Issues with Multiple Simultaneous Logins by the Same User

Currently, if a user tries to log in from multiple computers on the Revealed Agent, the Agent would go into an infinite reconnect loop. For example, a user first logs in on a PC and then tries to log in on a Mac. In this situation, the following might happen:

  1. The user is able to login to the Agent on their Mac, but the Agent on the PC would get disconnected and it would keep trying to connect to the server.

  2. The Agent on the Mac gets disconnected and the Agent on the PC is connected.

Both of these events would repeat indefinitely. You could terminate the Agents to prevent this. However, if you forgot to log out on your second computer and don’t have access to it, that could be a problem.

We have fixed the bug and also improved how a situation like this will be handled. Now, when the user tries to login to two computers simultaneously:

  1. The Agent on the first computer will show a notification and the user will be logged out:

  1. The Agent on the second computer will log in successfully.

Revealed Agent: Task Couldn't be Started with the Play Button

When you hover your mouse over a task on the Tasks or History tab, a Play button is shown. Clicking the button should let you start a new task. But due to a bug, nothing would happen when you clicked the button:

The bug is fixed now so that clicking the play button will let you start a new task.

Monitoring: Process Name Missing on the Network Monitoring Report

Due to a bug, process names were missing for some daemons and console apps (e.g., the Terminal) on reports like the Monitoring > Network:

The bug is fixed so that the process names are captured now.

Other: "Your screen is being observed" Message Shown to the User

When screen recording is enable, sometimes the user might see a message, "Your screen is being observed" on their lock screen:


This could happen randomly when the Mac was locked,  when it's about to enter the sleep state, or when the user would switch account from the fast user switching menu. Sometimes, the message would go away within a few seconds and other times it would remain on the screen.

The bug is fixed now so that the message is no longer shown.




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