Mac Agent 1.235 (2023-03-06)

New Features

Revealed Agent > Support for Hierarchal Tasks & Search Features

We have updated the Mac Revealed Agent so that it's now similar to the Windows Agent and supports hierarchal project and task list. you can also now search by task names: 

Employees > Lock/Unlock Action

You can now lock/unlock employees from the Employees > Action menu:

The Status column will show if the employee is Locked or Active. When you apply the Lock action, the employee they will be taken to the lock screen immediately if they are online, otherwise the lock out will take affect when they next comes online:

If the employee tries to log back in, they will be automatically logged out within a minute. Note that, once the lock feature is enabled, it will continue to work even when the employee is offline. You can use the Unlock option to unlock the employee.

Bug Fixes

Captured Printed Documents would Show Black Background on TextEdit Documents

Due to a bug, documents captured from the printer (when the CAPTURE ACTUAL DOCUMENT option on the Monitoring Settings > Printed Doc is enabled) would show a black background for files printed from TextEdit. This can be seen when choosing the View document option from the BI Reports > Printing or clicking the Document from the Monitoring > Printing report:

The bug is fixed now.

Cursor not Visible on Remote Desktop Control or Video Recordings

Due to a bug mouse pointer/cursor is not visible on remote desktop control or video recordings (on the Session Player). The bug is fixed now.

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