Windows Agent 8.0 (2023-02-23)

New Features

Behavior Rules: Ability to Trigger Rules for Draft Emails

Content Sharing rules like the one below will now be able to detect draft emails. Previously, you could only detect contents when the email was being sent:


The rule will trigger when the draft is saved. This way, you can be more proactive and prevent threats such as potential data leaks.

New Command Line Option to Hide the Client IP During an RDP Session

Usually, when you connect to a computer over an RDP session, the Agent sends the IP address of the client to the server. However, for privacy or security reasons, you might not want to expose the client IP to the server.

We have added a command line option, TMHIDERDPCLIENTIP that will let you hide the client IP address from the server:

msiexec /i teramind_agent_v0.1.260.3940_x64.msi TMROUTER= TMHIDERDPCLIENTIP=1

It will simply replace the actual IP address with  The command will also add a hide-rdp-client-ip parameter to the Teramind configuration file (config.cfg). You can also manually add the line to the config file:

hide-rdp-client-ip = 1

Bug Fixes

Behavior Rules: Advanced Mode Actions not Triggered Properly

Due to a bug, Advanced Mode actions in a rule would trigger prematurely. For example, in a rule like the one below, instead of the 6th and subsequent violations, the rule would trigger at the 1st violation or other random times:


This was happening because the rule would count up internal web page requests that would lead to triggering the rule action unintentionally. The bug is fixed now.

Behavior Rules: Set User's Active Task Action not Working as Expected

Due to some recent updates, the Set User's Active Task action for a rule like the one below wouldn't work as expected:


For example, it would switch the user's task to the Default Task and then back to the task assigned by the rule.

We have fixed the changes so the action would work as it used to before:

  • The action can be assigned for applications and websites only.
  • The task should not timeout back to the Default Task if the application or site is still active.
  • The countdown time for switching back to the Default Task should start only after changing the app/site from the one specified in the rule to some other app/site.

Monitoring Settings: File Driver Setting not Applied to the Endpoint

Due to a bug, the File Driver setting (available on the Monitoring Settings > Advanced window) wouldn't get applied to the user's computer. Even if you turned the setting off, you could still see the service (tmfsdrv2) still running:


The bug is fixed now.

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