Windows Agent 6.1 (2023-01-10)

New Features

Behavior Rules: Option to Change the Number of Alerts Per Rule

Teramind already have an option (Settings > Alerts > MAXIMUM DAILY ALERTS COUNT) that helps you limit the number of alerts logged by Teramind for all rules. 

Now, you can apply alert limits for each rule individually with the Choose maximum number of saved alerts per day. You can access this option from a rule's Action > Advanced Mode  tab:


Agent: Option to Add Stealth Agent to the Installed Programs List on Windows

By default, Teramind Stealth/Revealed Agent isn't shown on the Windows list of installed programs (knows as the Add or remove programs or ARP list). In this release, a new command line option TMADDENTRYTOARP is added to the installer. If used, it will allow you to add the Stealth/Hidden Agent to the installed programs list on Windows. For example:

msiexec /i teramind_agent_v6.0.47_x64.msi TMROUTER= TMADDENTRYTOARP=1

The result will look like this:


Agent: Ability to Change the Agent Name

Currently, the Agent name is dwm.exe. However, Windows also has a service with the same name for its Desktop Windows Manager. We've added a new command line parameter, TMAGENTEXE so that you can change the default Agent name to something else to make it more clear and avoid confusion with Windows' own services. You can use the parameter when installing the Agent. For example:

msiexec /i teramind_agent_v0.1.260.3940_x64.msi TMROUTER= TMAGENTEXE=my_agent.exe

The Agent will then appear under the new name (e.g., "my_agent.exe") on the Windows Task Manager:



Agent: Cleanup After Installing Updates

When an Agent was updated, it would keep artifacts for the old Agent that was installed with a custom name. Improvements were made so there will be no artifacts left out from the old installation.

Bug Fixes

Behavior Rules: Some Special Keys weren't Being Detected

Due to a bug, keypresses for certain special key combinations such as Shift + Del / Ctrl + Del / Shift + B, etc. wouldn't get detected on the BI Reports > Keystrokes or Monitoring Reports > Keystrokes report. Any Keystrokes Activity Rules based on such keystrokes wouldn't get triggered either:


The bug is fixed now.

Behavior Rules: Email Distribution List Not Being Recognized Properly

Email distribution lists (especially in Outlook) weren't being detected properly in the Emails Activity Rules. As a result, a rule like the one below wouldn't work:


In the rule, the Exclude condition should match any domain containing @teramind. As a result, any email sent to the distribution list Developers - Miami ( shouldn't have been detected. But due to a bug, the email was still detected.

This bug is fixed now.

Monitoring: Audio Recording wouldn't Work when Microphone Exclusive Access is Turned On

Windows have an option on its sound settings to toggle the Exclusive mode for a microphone. If this mode was turned on, the Agent wouldn't be able to capture any audio from the microphone:


Even if you turned it off, Zoom, MS Teams or another application might override the setting each time they are updated. The bug was fixed so that audio recording will work irrespective of the Exclusive mode setting.

Agent: MS Teams would Crash Unexpectedly

You might have experienced high CPU and memory usage when using Microsoft Teams, and it might crash occasionally.

The bug is fixed now.

Agent: Update would Fail when Using a Custom Agent Name

Due to a bug in the installer, the Agent update would fail if the Agent has a custom name. This would affect installation from both the Dashboard and the command terminal.

The bug is fixed now.

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