Mac Agent 0.1.230 (2022-10-01)

New Features

Monitoring Settings: Applications

Now you can filter which applications should be monitored or not. There are three setting you can use:



If you add any applications in this field, then the screen recording will only capture windows of the selected apps. Other app windows will be be blacked out on the screen recordings. In the example below, you can see that even though the user has multiple apps open, in the screen recording only shows the windows of the Apple Notes and Opera browser since those apps were entered in the MONITOR ONLY THESE APPLICATIONS setting.



This setting does almost the opposite of MONITOR ONLY THESE APPLICATIONS. It will black out the windows of the apps you specify in the screen recordings while capturing other app windows. In the screen recording example below, you can see that the two application windows for Apple Notes and Opera browser are blacked out while the rest of the app windows are shown:



If this setting is enabled, Teramind will not record any keystrokes for the selected apps.

Monitoring Settings: Tracking days and time

You can now apply a tracking schedule to specify when the monitoring will take place for monitored objects such as Applications, Keystrokes, Printed Docs, and Screen:


Please check out the User Guide for more information about the monitoring schedule.

Monitoring Settings: Displaying Remote Control Messages

On the Monitoring Settings > Screen window, you can now set a message to be displayed to the end user when an admin takes remote control of the user's computer or freezes their input:


The message will be displayed when the admin uses either the Remote Control mceclip5.png button or the Free Input mceclip4.png button on the Session Player. Please check out the User Guide for more information about the monitoring settings and the session player.

Revealed Agent: Desktop App

The Mac version of the Revealed/Visible Agent now looks similar to the Windows version:


It will now make it easier for the end user to adapt if they switch from one agent to another. Please check out the User Guide to learn how to install/use the Revealed Agent.


Revealed Agent: Screen recording permission

Previously, after installing the Revealed Agent, you had to enable the accessibility feature and provide screen recording permission multiple times. With the new update, you will asked to provide the screen recording permission only once:


Here are a few notes to keep in mind:

  • If you are installing the Mac agent for the first time then you will be asked to provide the Screen Recording permissions.
  • If you had previously removed the agent and doing a reinstall the Mac will treat it like a new install and ask for the Screen Recording permissions.
    If you are just updating the agent, then your won't be required to provide the Screen Recording permissions.

Revealed Agent: Rosetta on M1 Mac

On a Mac with Apple M1 processor there is no need to install Rosetta anymore. Previously, you had to install Rosetta to use the Teramind Agent on a M1 Mac.

Bug Fixes

Monitoring: Websites URLs on Google Chrome

Due to a bug, URLs weren't captured properly when a user visited websites on Google Chrome browser. As a result, you would only see the application name and not the full URL when viewing any reports that had a URL column (e.g., the Monitoring > Webpages and Applications or BI Reports > Applications & Websites). The bug is fixed now.

Employees > Activity Log: Locked sessions

Previously, when the user locked a computer, you would see multiple loginwindow activity being recorded under the user's Activity Log report (and other reports where session logs are reported). This is now fixed so that the Agent will stop recording when the computer is locked.

Revealed Agent: Locked sessions

Due to a bug, the user weren't able to start a task if it had any subtasks. Or, they couldn't create a subtask, if the parent task already had a subtask. These bugs are fixed now.

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